You're not a number at Murray Associates so you can get the support you want on your business journey.

You know your business but we can help you get the best from what you've got. We have tools we use that can help you get the best from your business. How about finding out the results of your competition? We can do this for you by benchmarking you with your competitors in the region and finding out really useful information - all from your numbers.

You might have an idea of where you'd like to be in a year's time, but not know how much sales you need to achieve this level of profit, we can help there too. We can look at your existing numbers and tweak them to find out how you can achieve this, within your existing resources if possible. If you need to take on extra staff or bigger business premises we can build this in for you too.

Business is never a straight journey, it has its inevitable ups and downs so there are a couple of things you need…

…Are you resilient?

We’ll be straight-talking, tough-loving and understanding to give you the best chance of getting ahead.After all we're in business too and after 20 years we know exactly what it's like running a small business.

…Are you willing to act?

To achieve your business and equally important your personal goals, you need more than just skill and effort you need the tenacity to push through the inevitable difficulties and pull it off.

Actions speak louder than words so if you’re not committed to action, then we're not the accountant for you. But if you're willing to get stuck in then give us a call on 0141 363 0373 or email

We are so committed to helping business owners to understand their numbers and run a better business we've set up a Facebook group to simplify it all. It's a private group and if you'd like to join here's the link

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Now running two extremely successful business and always encouraging and supportive to her students, teachers and local community

"The common thing in that first session was that we all knew something had to change, because otherwise we would just keep getting what we’d always got and we appreciated that. That’s why we’re all on this course as well. I know certainly from my point of view, I am a totally different person, in a different place from where I was when I started this programme." Feb 2014

– Judi of Merchant City Yoga