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Your numbers really do matter, and here at Murray Associates we know just how to support you on your business journey.

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Whether you prefer straightforward, unbiased and no-nonsense advice from a jury of your peers or individual sessions with myself to really get to grips with your business, there’s a session for you.

To run a successful business, it takes hard work and a willingness to learn; I’m offering you that first small step to reach your business goals and beyond.

But, before you’re ready to boost your business to the next level, there are a couple of things I need to know about you…

…Are you resilient?

This is not a pity-parade – we’ll be straight-talking and tough-loving to give you the best chance of getting ahead.

…Are you willing to act?

To achieve your business (and personal) goals, you need more than just skill and intellect; you need the stones to push it through and pull it off.

Forgive my candidness, but actions speak louder than words and if you’re not committed to action, these sessions may not be for you…

Gloria Murray and Jimmy greaves

It has helped me focus at a critical point

"One session today alone was worth the cost of the first two months of mentoring. It has helped me focus at a critical point and I’ll be taking several steps over the weekend and Monday to begin to change things."

– Barbara Chalmers, Final Fling Glasgow

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